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  • Can you tell me about the Eco Spa Product?
    Eco Spa hot tubs are engineered differently from the ground up utilizing different building materials and design concepts that other spa manufacturers do not offer, including: Unibody Construction: Eco Spas are constructed from high density polyethylene and are molded into one solid piece. This design offers many benefits that are not possible with a traditional acrylic hot tub. The Eco Spa dual wall construction and a solid bottom provides quieter operation and better energy efficiency. The solid bottom allows it to be placed on any surface and makes virtually impossible for rodents to enter. Eco-Spas are the only hot tub with a true lifetime structural warranty. Say goodbye to polishing, sanding & staining and start enjoying the benefits of owning your own hot tub. Removable Service Panels: All Eco Spa models have 2 removable panels on all four sides providing simple access to the spas equipment including the pumps, electronics, and plumbing. No more digging through foam to inspect or service your spa. Spa Cover With Lifetime Warranty: The hard cover system with the exclusive power seal technology is 25% more efficient than the average vinyl cover. It is easy to open and close and does not require any special maintenance. Eco Spas unique hard-cover will hold up to 500 pounds and will save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill and will also save you the expense and hassle of replacing your vinyl the cover every three years over the life time of your hot tub. Power Seal Technologies Most hot tub covers simply sit on the top of the spa and depend the weight of the cover forming the seal. With our exclusive power seal technology the gasket is compressed onto the spa shell forming a water tight seal. Eco Spas Duel Filters All models of Eco Spas are equipped with two easy access 35 square feet filters for cleaner water.
  • What colours are the Eco Spa offered in?
    Eco Spa comes in 3 different colour styles and 2 different panel styles. The Eco Spa colours are offered in: 1) Greystone 2) Harvest 3) Sandstone Greystone: Harvest: Sandstone: The side panel colors offered are: -Black -Brown -Sandstone -Harvest -Greystone The panels colours are offered in two different styles. 1) Flat Rock 2) Stack Stone Flat Rock: Stack Stone:
  • How long is the Eco Spa Cover Warranty?
    Spa Cover With Lifetime Warranty Lifetime structural: The structural integrity of the Eco Spa is warranted to be free of defects for lifetime. Should the Eco Spa develop a defect and not hold water within the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced at (FPI's Discretion) by FPI. Any related shipping charges are the responsibilty of the owner. Lifetime-Eco HardCover with attached arms. The Eco HardCover with attached arms is warranted for lifetime to be free from defect and materials and workmanship. Clamps are provided and better used to trap heat and keep the cover true to the spa. 3 YEARS COMPONENTS ECO SPA components, including top side control, spa control pack, pump, pillows, heater and, if so equipped, ozone unit and LED lighting systems, are warranted to be free of defects or leaks for a period of three (3) years from the OEM date of manufacturing. Defective components within three (3) years will be replaced or repaired (at FPI’s discretion) by FPI. Component damage caused by chemical extremes and/or chemical imbalances in the water is not covered by this warranty.
  • How many models of Eco Spa do you offer?
    We have 4 models of Eco Spa and a Performance Series Option that includes extra jets and coverted to 220 Volts. E1 Description Seating: 4 Size: 72”L x 60” W x 30”H Gallons: 212 Weight: 360 lbs. Jets: 12 Power: 110v / 220v E2 Description ​Seating: 2 Size: 76”L x 46”W x 33”H Gallons: 200 Weight: 350 lbs. Jets: 20 Power: 110v / 220v E3 Description Seating: 3 Size: 77”L x 60” W x 33”H Gallons: 285 Weight: 460 lbs. Jets: 22 Power: 110v / 220v E4 Description Seating: 4 Size: 77”L x 60” W x 33”H Gallons: 285 Weight: 460 lbs. Jets: 18 ECO SPA-PERFORMANCE SERIES E3 Performance Description Seating: 3 Size 77”L x 60” W x 33”H Gallons: 285 Weight: 475 lbs. Jets: 34 Power: 220v E4 Performance Description Seating: 4 Size: 77”L x 60” W x 33”H Gallons: 285 Weight: 475 lbs. Jets: 30 Power: 220v
  • What kind of insulation is used with Eco Spa?
    The Next Generation of Sustainable Insulation . . . Naturally from Knauf. Think of it as green, only browner Knauf EcoBatt™ Insulation doesn’t look like any insulation you’ve ever seen, but that’s because its natural brown color represents a level of sustainability never before achieved. The color comes from ECOSE™ Technology, a revolutionary, new sustainable binder born from five years of intensive research. Made from rapidly renewable organic materials rather than petroleum-based chemicals commonly used in other insulation products, ECOSE Technology reduces binder embodied energy by up to 70%, and does not contain phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors used to make traditional fiberglass insulation. EcoBatt Insulation combines sand, one of the world’s most abundant and renewable resources, post-consumer recycled bottle glass and ECOSE Technology to create the next generation of sustainable insulation…naturally from Knauf. To learn more about EcoBatt Insulation please visit:
  • Why Eco Spa compared to other brands?
    The key reason why Eco Spas are more valuable than other spa companies is because the rotationally molding requires 5 men per spa to spin the mold as it heats the polyethylene. Simultaneously we are injecting the mold with UV inhibitors. Each mold takes about 1 day to heat, form and cool with water until its eventually cracked open and out comes the 1 piece dual wall construction. Then we began the same process for the hard Top, the filter cover, and the storage/ice chest step. Lastly we began the assembly Other companies are vacuum sealing the acrylic into a wood frame that takes minutes to build. Our spas do not rot our lids do not rot. Our secret sauce is that we have a one piece dual wall uni-body construction with a two piece hard top keeping all the critters out and the heat in. Customers who have had rotted spas with smelly, heavy, foam tops do not think twice about saying YES to something different and better. Also Eco Spa comes with a Lifetime Warranty on the Hardcover and structure of the tub and we also use all the best high end components also made in Canada.
  • What is the "R" Value of the Hardcover and Side Panels?"
    The "R" Value on the Eco Spa Hard Cover is R37 but it can get up to R45 because the locked in steam gathers under the lid and offers another layer of insulation. The "R" Value of the side panels is 37 but can get up to 45 because the heat generated by the pump and heaters is recycled witihin the dual wall uni body construction.
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