Eco Spa Canada. was established in Kelowna, British Columbia in 2016. We have always been a customer oriented company that will only sell quality products that are backed by a substantial warranty. We began selling Eco Spas in the Kelowna, British Columbia area in 2016 and now have Eco Spas selling all throughout Canada.  We work with great Owners and Dealers that we trust including Premium Pool and Spa in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and Kamloops. The Canadian Distributor/Owner of Eco Spa Canada Carey Missler prides himself in customer service and working with Top Quality Brands.  Eco Spa is proud to announce as of Sept 2019 we have opened our first Eco Spa Retail Showroom in Vancouver, British Columbia. Eco Spa Canada is very proud to say that our company exclusively sells only Eco Spas. We have found that it is impossible to compare the quality and features of these hot tubs to any others on the market. Our company can ship our spas directly to consumers or provide our own professional in-house delivery and will provide technical assistance and service if ever needed.

The Factory

We are Eco Spas by Fusion Pacific, operating under the same ownership as INCA Plastics, a small corporation pioneering Rotational Molding Process in California in 1959.  INCA Plastics manufactures numerous proprietary products at our Southern California factory, mostly for the Recreational Vehicle industry.


In 2002 we began manufacturing Roto-molded polyethylene spa shells and other parts under a contract agreement with a large acrylic spa company. This program was discontinued after a few years with about 7,000 spas made and sold bearing that company's brand name. 



We learned a great deal from this experience so we decided to put our knowledge to work, but take things a few steps further and manufacture our own superior proprietary line of spas. Thus, in 2006, our original spa brand was born: South Pacific Spas. 



We revolutionized the spa & hot-tub industry by introducing the only portable spa in the industry with its own unique built-in hard cover on 5 base models.  In late 2014, we changed our brand name to who we are today: Eco Spa. 


From what we've learned since we began producing South Pacific Spas, we've constantly worked at refining the components of our spas, and in 2016, added a 6th base Eco Spa model.


Our "Original Hard Cover Spa" product is very well accepted and, since we struck off on our own, we have made and sold almost 20,000 South Pacific Spas and Eco Spas in the USA & Canada.

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